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A complete event management suite and visitor apps.

Use Happenee if you are...
  • A company organizing own internal or external events
  • Planning professional recruiting or networking happenings
  • Hosting professional meetups
  • A marketing, event, or office manager


Share your complete event content with attendees

Custom image

Insert custom images into the program. Create content for your sponsors or make your page pop.

Push Announcementes

Keep attendees up to date with important information during the event.

You can create all - from comprehensive guides to simple voting tools for your event.

Custom Text

Insert blocks with custom text for instructions, keynote notes, or just get creative.

Voting and Feedback

Collect votes in real-time and gather feedback at the end of happenings.

Happenee provides many different content types and functions.

Built-in navigation

Help attendees navigate to the right location. Let them know when to leave.

... and many more modules and features


Happenee covers most aspects of organising events.


Make it simpler for yourself
Comprehensive administration allows you to manage all your
events, communicate with your attendees, and generate in-depth
reports for your stakeholders.
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